Trainings for judges during World Skydiving Championships 2022

The outcome of the competition and its reputation depends on the decision of the judge committee. If the judges are suspected of fraud, then the reputation of the tournament will be significantly damaged. That is why all judges should periodically undergo training and re-evaluation to remain a professional referee.

Re-evaluating in Speed Skydiving

In 2022 as part of the 4th World Championships of Speed Skydiving, which take place in the USA, Eloy – Arizona, FAI will re-evaluate those who have a judge rating in Speed Skydiving. Chief Justice Arnold Hohenegger will conduct the scheduled test from 19 to 27 October 2022.

Registration for the event is open until September 25.

Before applying, make sure you have read Article 6 clauses 6.1 and 6.2 of the Stature and advise on all necessary requirements.

Also it is needed to submit the following documents:

  1. Scans of referee logbook for the last 2 years;
  2. NAC approval.

Brief information about the Speed Skydiving event is presented in the table below:

Date October 19–27
Location Eloy – Arizona, USA
Application Deadline September 25
Supervisor Arnold Hohenegger
Contacts [email protected]


If you have any additional questions regarding the event, then send them to the specified mail.

Please note that participants must take care of accommodation and meals themselves.

F.A.I. Judges Training Courses in Speed Skydiving 2022

In addition to re-qualification during the autumn tournament, there will also be referee qualification courses. The course takes 4 days from 18 to 22 October and will be led by Bert Ham. This is a great chance to improve and demonstrate skills and confirm all this at the international level.

Registration for the courses take place in 2 mandatory stages, which must be taken very carefully:

  1. Your NAC must register you for courses. It is necessary to write a letter with basic statements about you to the mailbox [email protected]. Please note that the letter must come from the name of NAC with supporting documents, and not from the participant.
  2. Sending a judging logbook for the last 2 years, which indicates the events in which you were a judge in Speed Skydiving.

Like any other event, courses have requirements for candidates. You must:

  • know English at a high level;
  • be an active referee of national competitions in this discipline;
  • provide the Supervisor your logbook.

For convenience, we also compiled a short table:

Dates October 18-22
Location Eloy – Arizona, USA
Checker Bert Ham
Documents for registration [email protected]
Contacts [email protected]
Maximum amount 6 participants
Contributions Up to 3 participants – 350 EUR

Up to 6 participants – 175 EUR


Documents with additional information, as well as the NAC confirmation form, can be found below.