Participants and Bulletin 2 of World Parachuting Championships 2022

Parachuting attracts many around the world. Everyone at least once thought about what it’s like to soar like a bird and for a long-time people tried to find a way to soar on wings, from Daedalus and Icarus to modern wingsuits.

Bulletin 2 was published on September 1st, with the full list of participants who have registered for the 2022 Skydiving World Championships. Recall that the competition will be held in October, Eloy, Arizona, USA. For 2 weeks there will be parachuting competitions in 7 disciplines.

The most requested tournaments among athletes

Among the participants in 2022, the following disciplines gained the most popularity:

Discipline Applications
CP (Canopy Piloting) Standard  72
WSP (Wingsuit Performance Flying) 48
CP Freestyle 35
Speed  35
FS 4-Way (4-Way Formation Skydiving) Open 20


At the same time, there are also parachuting disciplines in which the minimum number of participants, which is equal to 4, was not reached. Because of this, the Wingsuit Acro Event was canceled in 2022 , as we wrote earlier, applications were submitted only from 2 teams from the USA and Germany.

In addition, the least popular disciplines were:

  • FS 4-Way Female – 4 applications;
  • CF 4-way Rot – 4 applications;
  • FS 8 Way – 5 applications;
  • VFS – 5 applications.

This year, the United States is the largest contributor with 48 submissions, twice the number of the UK and Australia with 22 submissions each. Canada closes the top three with 21 applications.

In total, applicants from 30 countries of the world take part in the parachuting competition, so each fan will be able to find an idol according to their preferences. Countries such as Bulgaria, Lithuania, Moldova, Spain and Paraguay are represented by only 1 participant, but it should be remembered that everyone has a chance to win.

Live visit for the whole family

It is possible to cheer for your idol or just enjoy the parachuting show live. The main part of the performance, of course, takes place high in the sky, but the paratroopers’ landings are no less colorful, and all the acrobatic stunts or jumps will be broadcast on the big screen.

Such a show is exciting for children, so we recommend watching it with the whole family. In addition, on the territory of Skydive Arizona has a wind tunnel where children from 3 years old can fly under the supervision of an instructor.

Please note that alcohol, drugs, and pets are not allowed on site.

Entrance to the event area is free, so it will be a great option to spend a weekend with the family!