Revision of Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 has been amended for canopy piloting events at the upcoming World Skydiving Championships in Eloy, Arizona.

Pursuant to the Canopy Piloting Competition Rules (B 1.6), the direction of the Carve must be indicated on the Bulletin. Paragraph 7 of the revised Bulletin 1 now specifies what direction Carve is.

The link to the World Skydiving Championship website will be left at the end of the article. You can read the new version of Bulletin 1, as well as find all the necessary information regarding the upcoming competition. The main points worth paying attention to will also be given in this article for review.

Accommodation and lodging

All necessary costs are covered by the participant, including transportation, accommodation, meals. Since there are no regular public transportation routes from the nearest airport in Phoenix to the Eloy, it is recommended to use a private car or rent one.

The airport in Phoenix is located 100 km from Eloy, the journey by car takes about an hour. There are not many hotels located directly near the competition area, so we recommend taking care of accommodation in advance .

Covid 19 restrictions

At the time of publication, the state does not require vaccination certificates and wearing masks. For up-to-date information, please check the official state website, as changes may occur before the start of the competition.

World Skydiving Championships – competition place

Competitors wishing to practice skydiving on the competition field will be able to do so at a convenient time. Skydive Arizona operates on the following schedule:

June – September Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday
October – May Daily

Opening hours from 8.00 to sunset.

Skydive Arizona prices

The average price of a jump is $33 at a time, but for participants who jump significantly more often, there are offers of ticket packages. Below is a table with data at the time of publication:

Quantity Term Total cost Price of one
12 tickets 2 consecutive days $ 363 $30.25
50 tickets 1 week $ 1400 $28 
50 tickets 30 consecutive days $ 1525  $30.5 
100 tickets 45 consecutive days $ 2925  $29.25

There are also separate discounts for skydiving teams if conditions are met. So, for FS teams, the price will be $ 28 per ticket, subject to a minimum of 30 jumps per week.

Current prices and individual offers should be clarified directly at the box office of the zone.

You can get a complete list of information regarding the upcoming skydiving

competitions in Bulletin 1. If you have any questions, you can always ask them to the official representatives indicated on the websites of each.