World Parachuting Tournaments 2022

This year the competition will be held in the USA, in the small town of Eloy, Arizona from 9 – 26 October.

The schedule is as follows:

Dates Name Discipline
11-16 October 20th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships Canopy Formation
11-16 October 9th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships Canopy Piloting
11-16 October 3rd FAI World Canopy Piloting Freestyle Championships Freestyle
11-16 October


4th FAI World Wingsuit Flying Championships Performance flying
20-26 October 25th FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships Formation Skydiving – 4 Way Event

Formation Skydiving – 4-Way Event – Women

Formation Skydiving – 8 Way Event

20-26 October 14th FAI World Artistic Events championships Artistic Events
20-26 October 4th FAI World Speed Skydiving Championships Speed Skydiving


UPD: 4th FAI World Wingsuit Flying Championships assumed conducting competition in two disciplines: the Performance Event and the Wingsuit Acro Event, but due to a shortfall of participants the second was canceled. Follow the latest information in the news on our website.

Types of parachuting

To prepare for the spectacular contests awaiting fans soon, it is worth understanding what types of parachuting exist and what features they have.

Speed Skydiving

The name speaks for itself. The key is to develop the maximum speed, which is calculated as the arithmetic average of the speed at a distance of 1 kilometer – between the marks of 2700 and 1700 meters. The absolute record is currently 511 km/h.

Canopy Formation

Athletes unite in teams of 2, 4 or 8 people and jump with a parachute in a group. Their purpose is to form figures, or patterns during the descent under the canopy. This is one of the most spectacular parachuting sports, although it is very difficult, because the result depends on teamwork.

Canopy Piloting

A relatively recent type of competition, for which they even produce special canopies. The first globe contest was held only in 2006. Such jumps are held above the water, as a high speed develops and the water is a safer place for such tourneys. Participants pick up high speed, make a few turns at low altitude and go the distance.


The essence of the discipline is to perform acrobatic stunts and other artistic elements during the fall. Interestingly, training is usually carried out in a wind tunnel, which makes it possible to hone skills.


There is no canopy as part of the parachuting competition. A specific suit allows it to soar in the air without a canopy, and moreover, the horizontal speed can reach 250 km/h. This allows them to fly fast, and to stay in the air for as long as possible.

Formation Skydiving

In the section of the FAI contests, it is held in 3 disciplines: teams of 4 people, teams of 8 and women’s teams of 4 participants. The key goal of this type is the creation of complex group figures and various patterns in the air.

Artistic Events

A variety of variations of acrobatic stunts in the air, the technique and entertainment of the performed figures are evaluated.

The operator – important part of the contests

Watching parachuting competitions from the ground is almost impossible because everything happens at high altitude, high speed, and moreover, acrobatic stunts can look spectacular or, on the contrary, much worse from different angles.

That is why an operator is an integral part of such competitions or even amateur jumps. Teams practice with their operators in advance and hone the timing of all actions. After all, it is since the footage that judges evaluate acrobatic stunts, their technique, artistry, and entertainment.

The best teams do hundreds of training jumps a year to achieve perfect results, and that’s not counting the practice in the wind tunnels.


Is it worth watching the championship in 2022?

Yes. Even if you are a beginner and have never been interested in this sport, then opening any video from the tournament you will be captivated by breathtaking views and incredible tricks of our participants!