Official Entry Date

Now through August 1st, 2016

Procedure for Submitting Entries

Registration for the 2016 World Championships will be online. Each delegation member must be individually registered and complete payment made to be considered registered. A single entity may enter the individual details for all or some of the delegation members. In this case, please note the total due and select the option to pay via wire transfer in the individual payment section. A single transfer may then be made of the total amount due for the delegation. Additionally, each delegation's NAC is asked to e-mail a list of all approved delegation members, including team names, to

The information required of each individual for registration includes:

  • Full Name
  • FAI License Number
  • Gender
  • E-mail of Individual Registrant (This must be the individual's email and may not be, for example, a generic Federation email because a confirmation email will be sent to each individual once online registration has been completed. The confirmation email contains a link to complete the electronic waiver, which is mandatory and must come from each individual.)
  • Phone Number (can be the NAC phone number, personal phone number not required)
  • Address (can be the NAC address, personal address not required)
  • Date of Birth
  • Sweatshirt Size
  • Role (i.e. Competitor, Head of Delegation, Team Manager, Coach, Medic, Media, Significant Other, or Other)

On the initial registration screen, upon clicking "Sign up Here!" a window will pop-up asking if you are a Competitor, Member of the Official Delegation, or a Person in Addition to the Official Delegation. Please choose the appropriate option, and note that if you are a Competitor you will need your FAI sporting license number.

View our WPC 2016 Registration How-To video for additional registration help. You can also contact us at with any additional questions.

Registration Fee Schedule

Event Host Fee ($USD) includes IPC Sanction Fee of 90€ converted to USD Total ($USD) includes $25 credit card booking fee
Formation Skydiving (FS) $850 $875.00
Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS)  
Artistic Events $800 $825.00
Free Style  
Free Flying  
Speed Skydiving $825 $850.00
Speed Male  
Speed Female  
Speed Male Junior  
Speed Female Junior  
Canopy Formation (CF) $800 $825.00
4-way Sequential  
2-way Sequential  
4-way Rotation  
Freefall Style $850 $875.00
Style Male  
Style Female  
Style Male Junior  
Style Female Junior  
Accuracy Landing $850 $875.00
Accuracy Male  
Accuracy Female  
Accuracy Male Junior  
Accuracy Female Junior  
Team Accuracy Male  
Team Accuracy Female  
Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing $950 $975.00
Team Alternate $600 $625.00
Member of Official Delegation $600 $625.00

Competitors are responsible for their own lodging and travel.

Where and how to pay the registration fee:

  • Payments can be made:
    • Online via credit card during the registration process. All major credit cards will be accepted, but subject to a $25 booking fee per registrant.
    • Via bank transfer. Please use this payment method if you wish to pay for more than one registrant at a time. Only after transfer has been received is registration considered to be complete. Any bank charges for wire transfers will be the responsibility of the sender. Skydive Chicago will invoice the sender if the bank charges for the wire transfer have not been covered by the sender, at a rate of $15 USD for domestic wire transfers and $50 USD for international wire transfers.
  • The whole amount as per the section on Entry Fees must be paid to the organizer.
  • Payments must be made is USD.
  • In the event that the conditions above are not fully fulfilled by the entry deadline the remaining money must be paid in cash in USD on site prior to any jumps being performed.

Wire Transfer Details

Please have the Head of Delegation contact Skydive Chicago directly to request wire transfer information. Skydive Chicago can be reached via email at