• To determine world champions in: FS, VFS, AE, CF, Accuracy Landing, Freefall Style, and SP
  • To establish new world records.
  • To determine points earned towards the INTERNATIONAL WORLD RANKING LISTS.
  • To improve the judging methods and technology.

Date of the Event

September 10th-21st, 2016 Ottawa, Illinois-Skydive Chicago
Satellite DZ: Cushing Field. 12.6 NM from Skydive Chicago

Procedure for Submitting Entries

Registration - Now until August 1st, 2016

Registration for the 2016 World Championships will be online. Each team member must register and complete payment to be considered registered. You can learn more about registration by clicking the button below!


Formation Skydiving

  • 4-way
  • 4-way Female
  • 8-way
  • Vertical Formation Skydiving

Artistic Events

  • Freestyle
  • Freeflying

Speed Skydiving

  • Speed Male
  • Speed Female
  • Speed Male Junior
  • Speed Female Junior

Canopy Formation

  • 4-way Sequential
  • 4-way Rotation
  • 2-way Sequential

Freefall Style

  • Style Male
  • Style Female
  • Style Male Junior
  • Style Female Junior

Accuracy Landing

  • Accuracy Male
  • Accuracy Female
  • Male Accuracy Junior
  • Female Accuracy Junior
  • Team Accuracy Female
  • Team Accuracy Male

Event Organizers

Skydive Chicago in conjunction with the United States Parachuting Association.

5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd.
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Skydive Chicago
3215 E 1969th Rd Unit 1
Ottawa, IL 61350
815-433-0000 office
815-433-6806 FAX

Organization Officials

Meet Director
Bill Wanger

Deputy Meet Director

Assistant to the Meet director

FAI Controller
Gillian Rayner

Chief Judges

Formation Skydiving (FS)

Karla Cole

Artistic (AE)

Thi Bich Van Ha

Canopy Formation (CF)

Bernard Nicolas


Arnold Hohenegger

Style and Accuracy (S&A)

Gunter Berendt

Jury President

Doris Merz

Jury Members

Barbara Davies
Johannes Gritsch

Assistant to the Chief Judges

Marylou Laughlin

National Anthem and Flag

The FAI sporting code requires that each delegation bring a country Flag and their National Anthem in a MP3 format.